Password Tip From Snowden, Treat It Like An Undergarment

Password is your foremost defense against being hacked and your information leaked to the public.

For most people, having 8 characters of mix text and numbers is no longer suited to protect your information. Making a password like a pass-phrase is very important. We do not need to emphasize how important password are but here are an example with Snowden’s tips.

  • More Characters mix with special characters.

M1tg1n@n0rt7vog@)7t, means

         M1 t=a school like MIT.

      g1n@ = a girlfriend.

      nort7 = A street name like North Avenue

vog@)7t = a pet dog name bogart.

If this is hard to remember, write it on paper and keep it safe.

My favorite tip very new to my ear, treat your password like an undergarment. Currently most people love to share their life on social media. But this are the hints how people are hacked, this public sharing of your public life is a giveaway. So treat it like your underwear. No one like sharing it to someone right even friends.

Of course some people, especially women, loves to show themselves wearing only undergarments and passing it through the web. I do not see the benefit of this behavior. If you like your security, try privacy.

Keep your information protected always.



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