Not Energy Crisis But A Lifestyle Problem

Gas hike, electric bill rising, lowering of Dam water supply, high food prices, school tuition and so on. Let us dissect one by one.

  • Gas hike. We could provide better transportation by car pooling and using of bikes for people not far from work like 2km to 4 km. I have a friend who can bike daily to work with more than 10km. New York city is a walkable city and people can walk to their office for two hours. Safety is a big factor and security is short of supply in the Metro here.
  • Electric Bills. Try to “unplug”.  I am no EarthHour fan but for more than 14 years, my bills minimum at + USD10. Many of us today switched to aircons for cooling therefore do not be surprise about high electric bills. Oh, also include cable/sat TVs. Many homes have TV running yet kids are using wifi gadgets. Waste of power.
  • Low Water Supply.  Imagine fountains and gardening of lawns during the day. Yes they look pretty but we don’t get any food source them. Water your plants in the evening so it won’t evaporate easily. Dams generate power for this non essentials during the day for exclusives homes.
  • High Food prices. This is related to transportation cost. Supply and demand law. Also, everybody is eating too much. Food are being wasted also. Check the garbage and see how we throw food. There is a high demand for new food joints. Many food establishments use power too.
  • School Fees. Many new found wealth are enrolling their children to exclusive schools from parents that never experience luxury when they were kids. I have no problem with that.  Since these school must be cooled and attractive so making the place grass fresh and very green with cold halls is a must during visit hours. Again, eats power.


  • Plus, too many malls. This structures eats power. Studies in the 1990s advice for every city one mall is enough but that is not true today. We also have high rise buildings. City design is worst in the Philippines. Try Paris, France where no high rise structures exists.

There is no shortage of power but we misuse the energy on non essentials. Many of us just upgraded a lifestyle most never enjoyed in their youth and are hungry to taste the good easy lifestyle of the rich.

Keep life simple. We might save our planet still from a real energy crisis.



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