No Dogfight Skills. The US Forgot Lessons of Vietnam


plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

The US is very dependent on automation and the digital age. With this mindset, they are killing dogfight skills and will rely totally on its advance array of BVR/Beyond Visual Range missile systems therefore no need for close encounter.

Its like Vietnam all over again. The system are very new at the time and said the old founders of the missile age. No more dogfights. One by one planes and pilots were dropping from the skies and no sooner they began to reevaluate knife fights. Top Gun was born.

The F22 and F35 systems are very new. It has not really engage in true combat. Most of the points scored by the US fighters are on online games and flight simulators.

The Russian Flanker fighter is the most agile, maneuverable jet ever existed. I learned the Pugachev-cobra move back in the early 1990’s and lucky enough to find a photo of it. It like seeing a car go a 90 degree turn like the batmobile. There are rumors about Indian-US wargames with Su27 versus F22 and the Suchoi always beating the Raptors. That is trouble and this machines are 3rd ColdWar relics and much advance 4th Flanker derivatives of Su30’s series.

The Russian are marching in Ukraine. So as its communist ally China in the far east with its copied Flankers. Lucky for the Philippines we have no air force to fight these birds and have politicians doing toastmaster speeches all time.

The above quote means…

“The more things change, the more they stay the same”



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