Instead Of Spending Money On Rallies, Why Not Invest On Job Creation.

There are no single battle cry for these leftist group when they gather and march to the streets, jamming an already congested traffic, shouting, ranting all about the governments ill activities. Its always the current issue. Like Joint Military Exercises with the Allied USA, Against Terrorism, Electric Power shortages, Pollution, People Power, Marcos regime style of governance and right now the Fallen-44. They will gather and show their strength.

My question is. Where do they get the money?

The nation needs jobs. These leftist group have all the answers. So why not they create work? Work is what people need. It create economic security for the working people. When the people have jobs, they have food on the table, clothing, and education. As a bonus, an internet connection. Why not?

The money they spend on these rallies are wasted.

We must challenge these leftist groups to give us a better alternative by proving they could give jobs for the people. Since they could feed the marchers all day, and this involves lots of money, why not create jobs instead?

Do you agree?


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