Cooling The Summer Heat


We lived in the Tropics but even we Filipinos are not used to too much heat. The reason for this is urbanization. Yes we love the modern life, the air-coned malls to stroll. But we cut all the trees that cools the place. And these concrete jungle is stretching farther from the metro. Even a local government approved cutting hundred year old trees just to widen the road. This means heating the planet. You can not even take a bath at night because the water is damn hot even at 11PM!

We also live in a material world. Some houses are full of appliances that release heat making homes unbearable during the daytime.


And people use the wrong device to cool inside homes, the electric fan.

Instead of the fan, use an exhaust fan. Hey I tried this before and took a long time to convince the family this will work. This was before I was married 😀


Even computer use an exhaust fan. Why not our house have one. Also try to live a minimalistic as possible.

Since we cut the trees, maybe we could get it back by starting small like gardening. I know some trees can be planted on small lots too. Why not.


To have cool water all day, try storing plenty of water in containers during the night and by morning, since its stored separately, one can enjoy a cool bath to relieve from the heat.

But we can not convince everyone. Still, keep trying by being an example.

Be cool during the hot season.






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