Moms. The Best Woman In Our Lives.

Mah!mah! or Mommy will be our first words we ever spoke. She protected us for nine months and made sure we are healthy and safe. I can not express in words our moms made great effort all these feats and making sure we’ll be the best people in the world.

The Philippine National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, would not be one of the greatest Asian if it weren’t for his mom who taught him early education. Even the Philippines business tycoons would narrate stories of their mothers who discipline them and made them who they are now.  Sports athlete pay homage to their moms.  Even U.S. soldiers wait the deliveries of home baked cookies made by mom.

When mothers neglect their children, they would grow as menace to society.

Mothers produce heroes of a nation, best athletes, soldiers and the filthy rich successful people on our planets. That is why the best career for a woman in life is a mother.

I salute you mom.



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