Jacques Cousteau. Inventor, Explorer And As My Fictitious Granddad


The train ride is very forgiving. Somehow I think he looks like Fidel Ramos, ex Philippine President who loves to be involved in politics that I find annoying.

As a child, I love watching Jacques Cousteau aboard his ship in his sea exploration broadcast in local VHF TV station RPN-9 back in the early 1980’s. I learned humpback whales sings in his shows and confirmed by my godfather who is a seaman with a 1-2 year contract on the open ocean. Jacques would study polar bears, seals and every sea creatures even to great depth with his submersible on board. He is also a naval officer.

My grandfather told me that Jacques was also my lolo or grandfather too. That sounds great! I have a popular kin inside a television tube. Over the years as one grow older I realize I’ve been had. It was a joke. I said to my best geeky friend back then that Jacques was my lolo and he laughed. We both laugh. Because we both watch that tv show too as kids.

Here’s to innocence, which is bliss.



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