Threat Within: Neglecting The Philippines Security Inside Out

Again and again. It seems there is an endless series of investigation of the Philippine senate to non political allies while compromising the national security  in the following order.

  • The Marxist New Peoples Army or NPA.
  • Chinese intrusion in the West Philippine Sea.
  • Fragile peace pact of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.
  • Seasonal Typhoons from July to December
  • And Power shortages.

The government will crucify any political opposition but won’t fight the above mention threats especially when 2016 election is a year away.

The current president even misbehave during the Pope Francis visit recalling the silence of the catholic church during the Marcos regime. So even past grudges are not forgotten nor there is no ease when remembering the Marcos rule with the celebration of People Power this February.

China, the bigger external threat, is building structures which is the envy of any reclamation projects. Extending atolls lot area and making it a resort. Worst the Philippines don’t have the naval muscle to protect these activities but government can waste tax payers money on endless senate investigation with no heads to hung except its political enemies.

China is planning to build an ingenious aircraft carrier and will sail by 2024 or earlier. I don’t even see the delivery of Sokor’s FA50 jets, mini-MRF/Multi-Role Fighters being bragged by the Government. A few S211 subsonic jet stand againts China made jet copies of the Flanker. Why, the Philippine market is already invaded by low quality Chinese products with food unsafe to eat and substandard construction supplies unsuited for erecting buildings.

The “fallen 44” Special Action Force as we speak still seeking who to blame. Its the nature of people in power to blame. And the Filipino citizen is tired of it.


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