Bus Drawing: The Master And The Future Master


The Green Hornet success came from a side kick name Kato aka Bruce Lee in real life and would kick butts to fame and capture Hollywood by storm. Yet his humble beginning wouldn’t be a success if he was not taught by a master named Ip.

There is nothing like having a great mentor and passing the skills to his pupil. Self taught will take years to develop the right skill but if one is lucky, mentoring is the shortcut.

Learn from the master. Find one if you can and learn from them diligently.

If your into D.I.Y., keep practicing.



Going Crazy With Daniel Padilla.


Even my wife feels she is a sixteen when watching teen programs especially if its a Padilla brand. She has a big crush on two Padillas before, Robin and Rustom ( Rustom currently BB Gandang Hari, change of gender orientation, really a big disappointment to my wife’s surprise).

Now its Robin’s nephew, Daniel who is making waves carrying the torch of the Padilla clan and sure enough giving the girls sleepless nights and brand endorsement cashing with the phenomena.

This is better than Christian Grey who loves beating innocent virgins.

Hope you like the drawing.


Dakota Johnson, FSOG


Just in time my ballpoint run out of ink 😀

I was surprise to learn Dakota’s mom and dad is Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith!

Haven’t seen the movie but one of my old friends said it right, girls and women have a wilder fantasy than men and sadism is one of them and the guy is either filthy rich or a prince. Nevertheless, the bad boy attitude must exist.

I wonder if the Philippines Gabriela anti-women violence group advocate this kind of relationship.

Girls! Be in good shape for some love beating though.


Sketching Maria Sharapova While Waiting At The Hair Salon


Its a bad hair day sketch. The ballpoint is blotting worst.My preferred ballpoint is either Pilot or a Uni brand but this one will do even for the powerful beautiful Maria Sharapova. I always carry a A4 size bond paper and fold it in four. This is a quarter of the A4.

We usually take our haircut on a barber shop but we found this affordable salon for men and women for less than a USD 1 or Php 39.99.

As I always say keep practicing.