Dad And The Cobra Gunship

I was drawing the AH-1W Supercobra during a training and when I put the date, I remember it was my father’s birthday . My dad was born on January the 7th the only boy with five sisters and a tough one growing in the northern most part of Luzon. Grandma do not like my dad join the armed service but he has many stories of fights during his rough days.


The Improve Cobra AH-1S, the forefather of gunship. Used during the Vietnam war, the low front profile of the cobra with stubby wings for weapons for 2.7inch unguided rocket pods and a 3 barrel rotating Gatling gun would sure wet any pants of the northern commies trying to invade Saigon. For effect some were even painted with shark teeth.

The AH1 Cobra would give birth to its son the AH64 Apache but daddy cobra would stay with the US Marines with new avionics, engines and deadlier weapons.

Like the Cobra, even with age, my dad in his 60s, a decade ago is still fit to fight as in one incident he narrated when a guy 30 years younger making fun with my old man, got a punch in the face and the poor fellow run off. Although I did not support of it still, never joke with an old dog who is used to fist fights. He is like Clint Eastwood movie characters in my opinion. Fighting a new battle with age and a stroke but I hope his fighting spirit will keep him around much longer.

Like the cobra, even with age, dad is still fighting.

Good health to all and keep the peace.


Happy New Year.



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