Bus Drawing: Kamov KA-52 Alligator Gunship

Traffic jam and ride while standing is not the most pleasurable of all commutes. Still, I tried drawing and here what I have in my memory.


The Summer vacation of 1985, a friend’s magazine, which is one of three, for commercial airplanes caught my attention. Soviet Union military planes of SU27, Mig29, TU160 and this little known deadly helicopter that westerners fear most. The Hokum Kamov KA50 Attack helicopter with “contra-rotating” main rotors.

It was reported to be the deadliest of all helicopter that could shoot down even fighter jets. My enthusiasm with military weapon began with a single paper model F4 Phantom II and soon I find myself adding a few hardware, though I never realize there was a real battle called the Cold War.

With little information about the Hokum and only a side view drawing of the gunship. It is a start. By 1989, the Cold War ended technically. In the 1990s, I found a drawing of the Hokum from a friends book Combat and Survival with still little information. Just a sketch chasing the Apache I think.

But in 1996 I hit the jackpot stumbling the Hokum featured in Aviation Weekly I found in the National Library. No internet browsing just old fashion dusting the book shelves in the library. Found also the KH11 but that would be another topic. With 3 views and description, it was awesome. Of course the US comments, they were not convince with a single pilot handling all the loads of fighting. So Kamov made the two seater KA52 Alligator. The intriguing part, the contractor Kamov, mostly designs naval helicopter won an army deal which is mostly design by Mil which made the fearsome Mi-24 and the heavy Mi-28 that looks like a EuroTiger in steroid appearance.

The helicopter looks awesome and I think It can shoot down the Apache but the SuperCobra could outwit it but this is only my opinion. The Apache is known for its higher man-hour maintenance and logistic and if the KA52 could shorten the distance, Russian are known for its deadly maneuverability.

I love weapons for defensive postures. It keeps the neighbors from trespassing your property. But with tension in Ukraine and Russia, these weapon might see each other and it would test the supremacy of each bird in battle.

Keep your cool.





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