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Liam Neeson Taken 3


I never thought someone getting late in age can still be an action hero. Here in the Philippines we are decades ahead of old timers still doing action movies like Eddie Garcia and the late Fernando Poe Jr. during the 1990s but Liam Neeson is a Hollywood actor not to mention the Expendable cast of 80’s grumpy old men.

The Taken movies action move is very convincing with the plot of a loving father protecting his loves ones in a very dangerous world.

Liam Neeson. Action Hero.

Day of Mourning To The Fallen Philippines Finest S.A.F.

No words could express these past events in our country as the men of the Philippines Special Action Force went to arrest an international terrorist and while serving their duties as protectors of our freedom, if not the rest of the world, were killed in a brutal way.

Peace has a very high price to pay and often it is paid in blood by the men and women in arms.

We salute you.