The Next Real Threat; Artificial Intelligence


Replicants, Terminators, Virtual Singers, the Matrix and an armed UAV.

The U.S. Air Force successfully tested an automated missile system design to find its target on its own after it is released from its platform. Drones of the future will no longer be piloted remotely by pilots while sitting comfortably on a desk very far away with a joy stick but are send to a coordinate and will decide autonomously.

Remember HAL of Odyssey 2001. A computer killed its human occupant except Dave. Its not that far from happening.

Blade Runner is still my number one SciFi movie. Renegade humanoids called “Replicants” with a four year lifespan became self aware and wanted to live beyond that limit. Also they love to collect photos for memory recall.

Terminator. Self explanatory. This could be the one being concept by US DARPA (DARPA/ Dept of Advance Research Project Agency, also invented the Internet in the sixties for redundant connection in case of a nuclear attack).

Sharon Apple of Macross Plus. Same like HAL except for entertainment roles but went haywire when a “poker chip” made the computer self aware and acquire the emotions of its human mentor. Also feature in this Anime is the drone “ghost” UAV.

The Matrix. Do not sleep at night for agent Smith will get you.


Just remember our world is run by computers. It just take a serious programming to make computer self aware. Its still far away from that but it is possible to happen.

Robots and A.I. should help us not kill us in the process.


Hope we get it right for the next terrorist could be a machine as simple  a stock market computer, missile silo console, hospital life support or a simple microwave oven.


Do not depend too much on computers.




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