Happy Holidays


Its the season of reckless eating, drinking, gift giving and still people are not yet happy.

Always be thankful even when things are not turning out right. Be thankful to little things we receive like as a simple hello or a friend helping you a hand.

Life is not actually hard but some people make it like that way. Hopefully good character is more powerful than theirs and eventually they change and go the way of motivating than making life more miserable. Sometimes we fell to the trap of fear but applying courage little by little we can make it. It will be a slow process and mistakes too many but hopefully we get there which is happiness.

Always be grateful no matter what people say.



Bus Drawing; Solving Bus Over-Crowded Passenger Blues


Its Monday, scarce transportation  and worst of all, it is raining and I am late. No chance passengers with bus but we can always ride in it standing and while standing, I tried sketching even in this compress situation. I have longed to have a bus solution in our country like having those London red bus.

It won’t happen anytime soon but we can hope and dream.

Until then, enjoy the congested traffic even if its a headache.