Sketch MockingJay While Standing On A Moving Bus


This is another mockingjay drawing with our heroine Katniss (JLaw) leading people to freedom. There is the Rambo style of shooting anything with an arrow and getting away with it like shooting down an aircraft. Nice movie plot but in any real military operations, aircrafts usually go to height avoiding small arm fire, AAA (anti-aircraft artillery), Surface to Air weapons and even hand held arrows.

My son’s having his scout camping so I dropped him at his school which means I have to commute standing. Found the bus before making its turn on the next block and its still spacious. Luck have it today with plenty of free space and the ride was very comfortable and tried drawing standing.

As always, keep practicing. Hope you like the drawing.



Natural Pose


My wife was checking her legs. You know women, excess hair, varicose veins, etc etc…

She did not notice I took a picture of her because the way how natural her pose was so I took my cellphone and took a photo of her.  I did some editing, ok cheating on this one like they do with pin-ups models during the second world war but I would not do is go too far. Only wholesome drawing here.


Erich Hartmann. The Ace of Aces


Friends call him “bubi” the Blonde Knight but the Russians refer him as the Black Devil. Unlike most pilot that like multiple kills in a single sorties, Erich Hartmann, WW2 German ace pilot with 352 shot planes, take his time. Legends where told when they saw his plane, allied pilots especially Russians, would bail out than risk being shot at. Actually, he would only shoot the engine with a few rounds in short distances which is very close for comfort.

He wasn’t a natural at first and would fail many times. But later would rise as the highest scoring pilot with last shot plane 352nd,  hours before Germany surrendered ending the war in Europe.

Russians hated him and sentenced to hard labor but release with request from the Allies. Returning to flight status with an F86 Sabre fighter plane, probably based from Germany’s advance jet design. And recommended that the US F104 was a dangerous plane to fly and that made him in uncomfortable with his superiors yet his observation was correct.

Here is a quote when ask if he hated the Russian

“Hatred and bigotry destroyed my nation, and millions died [. . .] Never hate, it only eats you alive. Keep an open mind and always look for the good in people. You may be surprised at what you find.”

Hate really destroys everything. Human and the environment.

Hope we find peace in our time.


Young Kate Upton


Guest what, yes, while waiting,  I draw. This time in a bank.

Waiting and getting bored is a sin. Either bring  a book, a gadget like most do or like me, sketch.

Of course if your talent is singing, I do not know how people will react if you start doing it.

I still believe in modesty so drawing Kate Upton with clothes on is better and I keep my respect of her.

Hope you like the drawing.



MockingJay 1/2


Late at night, my two blessing still reviewing for today’s exam and my son’s favorite subject is math.

Numbers are easy on him which took me a lifetime to understand during my academic years.

While waiting I took this newsprint of Philippine Star and draw Hunger Game’s ” Mocking Jay”.

I never saw this picture before but it is Katniss.

Can’t wait to watch this.