Draw Instead Than Curse The Traffic Congestion


The traffic in our Metro streets is not going to improve anytime soon nor even after the 2016 Philippine election. With that most of us will have to endure a long slow commute home and if one is lucky, he/she will be sitting tight on a passenger seat or be standing on a crowded bus.

My solution as always, try to draw the most attractive woman one could think of and draw her on any good paper even on scratchpad. Above from left is Kate Upton and the Philippines finest Lea Salonga. For Kate, it was challenging sketch since the ride was too bumpy probably match her personality while drawing Lea was a smooth one.

I hope the traffic would be more forgiving and I hope someone make a better management on how to make commuting a fun experience. Keep your cool and do anything productive to keep one temper at bay.


Enjoy Always



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