Draw While Waiting

It was a stormy day in a mall and payment is a slow process making the line very long. Also it was lunch so my two blessings went ahead to have some chows. I pull my news print, read a section. Still bored and get a scratch paper 8×13 folded in eight and start doodling. One the eight folds, only six or seven are drawn in the mall.

One sales person notice what I am doing started a chat. He mention he draw too but stopped sometime. We began a little conversation digesting about what is life could be waiting for the hopeful. I like to share very positive things especially to really hope for in the future and no one like to talk about dead ends either. We have nice conversation until it was time to really go. My wife asked if I knew the guy because she was surprise to see me talking to a mall a crew in a very a long time.

I’ll dissect what I draw later post but for now a summary of what I drew.



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