French Are Coming. Rafale Searching For ISIS

France response to the ISIS threat, send the Rafale on recon. Rafale jets saw action in Libya’s revolt against Colonel Qadafi/Khadafi. Bombing fields which the British would like to do with the Euro Fighter Typhoon.

The French military are the one of the best in the world. Aside from its legendary Foreign Legions, its air force is armed with the best weapons any western power envy. Mirages and now Rafale. Its the prodigal son of NATO fighters program when Europe is envisioning a MRF/Multi Role Fighter to face threats from the Soviets during the Cold War. France made its own course in creating one. I saw its first picture back in 1988 colored white and its three views of this sexy plane. Lovely.

Most coldwar machines like the US F22 and Nato Typhoon even the Swedes Griffen, the Rafale never saw action but went to production. One best feature of the Rafale is its naval version. It can land and be catapulted on its allies flattop like a US Aircraft Carrier. In the late 90s, I learned it has stealth capabilities. Unlike the F22 superstructure with its stealthy materials, the Rafale use its invisibility through electronics.

India bought Rafale beating the Typhoon in its Air Force upgrade programs. How I wish the Philippines did the same too.

Rafale is a 4.5 generation fighter. The fifth generation are the stealth fighters but up in the air, pilot’s skills not technology that makes a difference.

Good hunting.


2 thoughts on “French Are Coming. Rafale Searching For ISIS

  1. Expensive war Machine bro..

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