Save On Power Bill. Unplug Your Appliance

For the past 14 years, we manage to keep our electrical billings from Php 400 to Php 600 (USD 9.15 to USD 13.72) every month except during Summer when usage for cooling demand is up. The Philippines use 220V for both appliances and electrical equipments. My lowest was Php 167.00 (years back Php55=USD1) and a one time Php 50 because there was a refund from the electric company. Keeping charges at a low price is not impossible, its just discipline.

The answer is really simple. Unplugged all non-critical equipments in the house except the fridge. Convenience has a high price. Keeping especially electronic appliances plugged even at standby eats electrical power. You know this because the LED is lit red, sucking power in small amounts but overtime would add to your bill.

1990s. left all alone in the house, I test this theory if all plugged equipment would move the electric meter. Its obvious that electronic appliances eats small amount of electricity unlike electric apps that are as dumb as switch. On/Off devices don’t consume power.

Try it. Hope this helps and love to hear from you too.

Live simple everyone.



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