Facebook: The Good, The BAD and the ugly

The Good
• Search old friends and meet new ones
• Business opportunities and networking
• Awareness on social events, weather and disasters

The Bad
• Showcase of new found wealth; new house, new car, world travels, jewelries , etc…
• Avalanche of pictures especially selfies, food porns and other porns
• Marriage proposals
• Self paparazzi
• Unethical correction. Commenting from friends on a post when they could just private message it.

The ugly
• Frenemies ranting and exchange of fighting words
• Links to scam sites and infected sites
• Videos and pictures of half naked women
• The wannabe star. The “next internet sensation” syndrome.
• Drama queens and kings online.

One out of three we can still find goodness in facebook. I am currently not logging in fb for 6 days now and maybe try to continue this habit. Seeing redundant pictures of “the bad” stuff is really annoying and worst, as some trying to get notice by doing crazy stunts can kill. Not only ugly but its worthless.

So choose. And this is important, keep your life private.

Showbiz personalities now know the value of keeping things simple and privacy is priceless.



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