Vulcans. The British Are Coming

Its another slow traffic to work. And I try to remember that giant delta wing Royal AirForce strategic bomber Vicker’s Vulcan. The British Nuclear deterrent against Iron Curtain Nuclear force of SLBM, ICBM, Bombers. The bomber never did deliver any nukes to any Eastern countries but it was always ready to go.

But it did dropped conventional bombs in the Falkland War near Argentina. The small island was being retaken by Argentina so the Empire has to strike back with the Royal Flotilla, Marines and bombers. Britain won that war and also pay the price of soldiers killed.

The Vulcan is no longer in active service and can be seen in some airshows.

A salute to a peace keeper. It kept the reds from attacking the west.

I hope the current crisis in Ukraine with disguised Russian forces don’t revive the second Cold War.



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