Macross Valkyrie and Minmae

Macross first aired in the Philippines 1985 locally dubbed in English. The flight of Valkyries really took my imagination to the next level as I have never seen any animation like it. It is based on the swing wing fighter F14 and the design was clean. The design and concept by Shoji Kawamori. I became great admirer of his work like Gundam and Armored Core. The opening was great launching the veritech fighter to the deck of a space carrier probably Prometheus. In the movie, this space carrier is found as a destroyed ship along with Earth destroyed too from the initial alien attack.

Lynn Minmae was change to Maria Lynn probably to fit the Philippine scenery. Harmony Gold would take some years to get the US license dubbed in English but here in the Philippines we did it first.

Macross really inspired me to create my own mecha type planes that can transform from a jet plane to a robot “battroid”. Probably I made five or seven types and my most dearest is still in-progress for years now based solely on a French Rafale. Macross was not the first robot anime aired here. Mazinger-Z, Grendizer, Mecanda, Voltes5, Daimos and others first viewed in the late 70’s. But Macross for me, is the best.



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