Jasmin Ouschan, Billiard Champion

Two sports I actually play; table tennis and billiards. I am rusty to play both games right now but no harm playing for fun. I kept a newspaper picture of Jasmin Ouschan, 2010 Women World Champion for Billiards and definitely a serious player. She played here in the Philippines in 2010 and the only non-Asian to win the tournament and winning the game.

Unlike other players who are focus on camera galore than skills, Jasmin is game oriented. I have not seen any picture of her being half naked or totally nude like most sports women do to make a name in the sports world. She wore plain t-shirt and rides a big bike, cool. The closest thing for her to be sexy is her body fit clothes but look closely are loose for comfort on the arms since billiard is sometimes an exhibition games other than geometry and strategy. I did had a backache once doing a stunt with the stick. I scored that shot but got a really bad back pain for a day.

I like jasmin’s simplicity and eagle eye stare on the cue ball.

She also plays table tennis. Cool!

Hope I can play again soon.

Enjoy always


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