Of Wars And Good Ending, Another Self Manga Epic

Still updating the script and most likely to be overhauled again. In my mind the story would be over with mix of black and white drawing also with coloured ones. A work in progress. One that is really challenging is involving some romance in this epic. Frankly I am a hopeless romantic. Romantic lines gives me goosebumps not to mention would awkward.

But real life love story does not need good punch line to capture a woman’s heart. All wars have its victor. The defeated will live to fight another day and in the end, will rise too as a victor.



A10 Thunderbolt a.k.a Wart Hog

You have seen it in some movies: Terminator Salvation and Transformers 1. The A10 is a tank killer. One of the war machines made famous by the 1991 Gulf War against Saddam but few people did not know that the same plane was for retirement. After the fall of Communism, the allies were cutting cost of maintaining arsenals. The threat of en mass tanks advancing in European forest will never happen and that is the purpose of the A10.

The A10 is a low tech, highly armoured plane, tough to withstand any defense net of missiles and heavy flak its enemy can throw at it. I remember the caricature of the plane with the ZSU 23-4 anti-aircraft tracked vehicle and mixture of Air to air missile being fired at the A10 with its system crying all of the horrible lock tones with the quote “another day in the office”. The US Air Force brass stressed it can fly with only one wing. And its main weapon, the GAU-30mm “Avenger” which is the size of the Volks Beetle with depleted uranium ammunition the size of infant feeding bottles only this one crying on spilled milk surely not for babies. Phase out is imminent.

The Persian Gulf have other plans. Saddam invaded Kuwait and worst, the US supplied Iraq with US hardware against Iran. In short, the war ended without the promise of the end of all wars. Then out of the blue the A10 appear to land with one of its wings torn almost half and manage to land safely. The plane was indeed tough.

No retirement for this tough plane. As they say, whats the problem with the A10, a flight of two A10s.


Smile. Blue Ballpen

This is the back page of a TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) printout back in 1996. Lesson they do not teach really deep during our academics. Have to learn at my own phase which is during an actual job.

But does not stop me from not drawing when getting bored of learning sliding window used in connecting to the internet. Notice the highlight mark back page stain of the marker. Well, its the reason why I draw on scratch paper. Also a bad thing to ruin a nice drawing.

Hope you like the drawing.