Manga on Mechanics and Fashion Style Details

I draw this one because of the embroidery and trying to capture the silhouette of the model’s body. Have a hard time drawing this one and maybe redrew it in the future.

I saw the first manga comics back in 1987 from a friend. What I saw was nothing similar to any western comics that is “dull” with colors and the paper. Manga comics comes in black and white and occasional first few colored pages. The details are awesome especially on serious stories. Really cool.

But what really captures me are details in mechanics. Cars are what people would see in real life and the clothes with designs and drapes are artistically drawn. The mood of the character, windy scenery and the clothes like waves in the beach is captured on still drawing as if not moving is like animated playing in your mind.

And women clothes is really fun and challenging to draw. It is why drawing women is nice to draw capturing the mood and pose. Of course drawing naked women is nice but sometimes, they have to be decently clothed too.



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