Cold War Machines Tomcats, Tigers, Hokums and MiGs

Congested traffic is becoming worst and normal. Time to get my pad and draw something. In this exercise I draw in memory what I like most, fighter planes. I start with my quartet Tomcat, Tiger, Crusader and Rafale then added the rest of the gang that would fit the limited space of the half 8×11 inch bond paper.

Using a ballpoint, my pen tool since childhood and choice, sketch in the middle. The bus was overloaded and luckily I was seated near the window because I won’t try drawing seated near the middle island. Everyone was trying to be busy tik-tak their smartphones surfing, updating social stats or watching videos therefore free from roaming eyes.

Once on the expressway, I was finishing some minor touches. People familiar with military hardware would know this and these are just the basics. Again I was drawing in memory and hopefully captured the image of these weapons.

One thing I like to comment though was, the F14 is no longer in service with the US Navy unlike its counterpart with the Air Force F15 and F16. Its last action was in Iraq and change role from fighter to attack role renaming it from Tomcat to Bombcat. Those swing wings gave the concept of anime famed Macross Veritech fighter Valkyries.

The war is over for some of these sky warriors but the battle still persist with land forces called terrorist.

Hope we find peace in our lifetime.


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