Miracle of Life

Still feeling sick because of this flu. While reflecting on this, I notice our Guyabano tree is more alive with new green leaves when after a strong typhoon “Glenda” last July that made this same tree is barely standing. Most of the trees will remain that way for a week and more.

I posted long ago on my facebook, have anyone wondered where the birds go when storms comes by? Birds would return after the strongest of storms and would sing for us. I know a good Bible verse that goes similar like, “look at the birds in the air. they do not sow, nor reap, nor gather into barns yet your heavenly father feeds them”.

I hope all this problem, like the storm does when it passes, we could be a better people afterwards. If we could let GOD do His will, all of the mess we did in this world would come to pass.

Just like the Guyabano tree. Alive with new leaves. New Hope.

Enjoy the week.


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