Is Being Sexy Related To Being Healthy, Talented and All That Jazz

Sexy is not related to any of it and other jazz being manipulated by people to gain, what else, sex.

My reminder to women and this is not a must but a clarification.

You can be healthy without wearing revealing cleavage.
You can be talented without wearing only a micro mini.
You can be attractive without being bitchy.
You can be smart, witty without wearing pushup bra.

You can do a man’s work without using the power of clothing to make a point.

Surveys about sexy clothing and flirty manners are push by giant brands to sell their lines of product to give a “mindset” of women power and empowerment by being attractive outside and not by mind and heart. Other mindset manipulation are said that men like women with lingerie clothing to find them attractive. But we all know that these are tricks to make sex advances. As the saying goes, “do you like to see my trophies?”

Old rich men can divorce their old wives anytime for younger women. Think of all the divorces by the rich and famous in the western hemisphere.

Real men love decent women. Period.

If your man loves you in sexy clothes, maybe she treats you as a trophy. And trophies are collectables.



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