Do Palestinian Parents Love Their Children Too?

I have been around watch and seen in printed news for the n’th time; children throwing rocks at Israeli tanks, like boy versus tank or the famous David versus Goliath. And this is hailed as heroism in the Arab world.

Kids should be at school holding books. Why is it happening almost a lifetime in Gaza? We should ask their parents why they send helpless kids fighting armed soldiers. The UN should looked at this activities.

We all know that Israel will fight back if it threatens. And if a parent allow militant groups to brainwash their sons to fight their dirty game and these same group use civilian populace to hid their weapons and shield to Israeli attacks, then they are being used to advance their political interest. Seeking support when kids are killed by Israel.

Israel created the “Iron Dome” missile system to shield them from Hezbollah rockets. But this is in limited supply and when its all used up will resort to regular artillery shells whose guidance is “to whom it may concern”.

Palestinian Parents, love your children. Israel is not your enemy. Check your leaders if they care for your safety and for your children. Do not let hate deceive you.

Rockets can be rebuild but your children are made only once.

Love your children.


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