Virtualize Computers. Single Box with More Host Inside

I started exploring virtualization of computers since 2007 I think with Microsoft somehow run to some difficulties. Then this free version virtualbox appeared and quiet an ease to use. Though it runs under an Operating System like Windows, it introduce me to the possibilities of running multiple Windows in a single box. So i run 3 host with one Server and two clients and simulate Active Directory in this environment. Sweet. But running it to a production environment would be a challenge as this would demand performance and having a candidate host would need approval.

Fast forward. Currently we are running two VMware ESXi v5.1 host taking it one step at a time. That how time flies from experimenting this technology to running it on the next level.

I’ll try to explain what this Virtualization technology and maybe the “cloud” thing most of you are hearing in the future.

The “cloud” is not new. Its been there from the very start. Some sales people think maybe they could lure people to this technology and branding as something very very new. When in fact it been with networking standard from the very very start.

Technology. What is technology anyway? I argue once that we don’t need computers to run technologies. Like the cloud, technology is been with us from the earliest civilization of man. And like those sales people, thinking technology can be sold by marketing hype and a woman with expose cleavage and spread legs.

I am a Luddite by fashion but no harm using technology. As long you treat it a tool, not a fashion statement.



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