How To Identify Friend or Foe. Malaysian Plane Shotdown Over Ukraine

1983. Korean Airlines shot down by Russian SU15 “Flagon” fighters. All crew lost.
1988. US Aegis Destroyer shots down an Iranian Airline.

The Korean Airline 747 was visually identified by the intercepting plane but still it was shot down went to its firing position. Russian doctrine at the time use “ground controllers” to vector on the target and it also command the execution to fire or not. The USAF have listening stations and recorded the intercept. The civilian plane over flew inside then, communist Russia.

The US have a similar incident but this time, it misjudge Iranian F14 (US Tomcats sold to Iran during the Shah reign) and somehow manage to mix with a flight of civilian airliner. The Aegis system could have identified the plane. But somehow fired SM3 missiles to the airliner.

IFF/Identify Friend or Foe. Its like the old “who goes there challenge”. If the intruder or a UFO did not respond correctly to the challenge, then the system goes on HOT. Missile ready and issue launch command.

Why the Malaysian got shot. Its political. Anything to blame the other party will make the other guy ugly to the world audience. But innocent lives was lost to be sacrifice by political interest.

Heres an excerpt from “Russians” by Sting

We share the same biology
Regardless of ideology
Believe me when I say to you
I hope the Russians love their children too

Also remember the civilians caught in Gaza and Israel.

Let us pray for stability.


One thought on “How To Identify Friend or Foe. Malaysian Plane Shotdown Over Ukraine

  1. Buk Missile or SA11/Gadfly Missile used in this act of terrorism as said by one site, “…done by a member UN member”. Russia is being blamed on this atrocity. I was lost by the name BUK because I am more familiar with NATO codes from SA1 to SA15. Some of this I know since High School from sources like encyclopedia and occasionally borrowed AirForce Magazine.

    But the point of this, this missile systems are not for political use but for defense only. Politicians are to blamed for defense system to be used for killing civilians.

    This is pointless. This is what economic powers do to its poor neighbor its no different with China here in South East Asia.

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