Early Rainy Season and a Typhoon

A little rain is nice but a typhoon brings bigger problems. The Philippines is once again hit by a strong typhoon named Rammasan/Rammasun locally named Glenda with winds 140-160kph hitting South Luzon and Northern Visayas region. I remember in 2006 how a similar storm strenght local name “Millenio” (130kph) which I went out to borrow a bolo, use it to cut a tree threatening our home. Glenda sustain its non stop wind strength whistling to our roof first from the south direction early in the morning changing to its north direction by 10am. But at 4am, power was down and in the pitch darkness using a torch/flashlight, we see the tree leaning already to our neighbor’s home.

For a while, lets view the goodness of rain. Its provides life to plants, supplies our water and at times nice to bring umbrellas and jackets with a special someone.

I drew this one going to work today on the bus. Found it on the internet.

Keep warm, be safe and enjoy.


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