Stuck In Traffic With Emma Stone

I took a nap because this is one of those long traffic jams along highway 54 (EDSA, Philippines) I always faced during my trip back home. Woke up after some 20 minutes and advance some hundreds of meters but still too far to be called a half way journey. Another downtime so I took a long pause to massage my eyes by blinking rapidly, sort of baby beautiful eyes, and I pulled out my scratchpad and check who to draw last night. Wishing I have a tablet with a Wacom Stylus and SkethbookPro but old school is still the best. It does not run on batteries too.

The ride was slow but stable enough to support a steady hold on my scratchpad. Everyone was trying to be cozy sleeping, tik-tak on their gadgets to forget another cursed traffic jam. Anyway, I started somewhere in Buendia and finished a rough sketch of Emma Stone before reaching Magallanes (or commonly known as Mantrade). Love her big anime eyes which reminds me of my wife’s own eyes. Using a mechanical pencil 0.9 and the funny thing is, my strokes are improving as if the pen is barely touching the paper. Sometimes I amazed myself. Made some finishing touches today Tuesday.

I owe this relaxation technique to my wife. She have handled more stressful events like supervising job rush on the production line and other demanding problems in life. There are things we can not control, change the situation or please everyone. Instead of complaining, do some productive and entertaining thing to do. Took me sometime to make relaxation to work. That is why a hobby is important. Besides, gadget is also a source of thing to be stressful about like slow connection, low batteries or bad post on your social network site.

Try to cool down. Chillax!



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