Nations At War Seek Peace While Nations In Peace Seek War

I made this quote in my Facebook account a few years back. This is in reference with nations having conflicts and its citizens are looking for peace. Away out of the killings especially when victims are not combatants. While these battles are fought, developed countries far from armed conflicts are either looking for some thrills like school shootings or sports mayhem when the audience are involved in hurting fellow spectators for some unwanted calls of fouls. We can say emerging economies like China with expansion of its territory in South East Asia claiming sea lanes that has no historical backings. Do note, China has no navy to carry out its claims during the colonial times of explorers from Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands and others European nations. China didn’t bother exploring this during the US presence in the Philippines before 1991 when US Forces left its Subic base after Mount Pinatubo eruption.

A nation practicing its economic might, can explore its expansion by building industrial plants outside of its country. But China’s vision is similar to pre and post WW2 expansion using new found power to push its navies to claim sea lanes and draw new maps without reference to old colonial conquest. This is a dangerous mindset for countries with new found wealth. Russia with similar mindset, tries to regain old cold war satellite countries it lost after the fall of Berlin wall in 1989 and later, Communism fell too. Referring to news, old communist mindset seek to return to Russian glory after its humiliation, loosing the Cold War to the Western Allies. Ukraine first, what country would be next.

With regards to the Middle East conflicts, the situation is more complex. No one knows who the enemy is. They share the same religion but its a Sunnis and Shiites battle struggle. After the pullout of US forces in Iraq once again a new players comes out not bringing peace but to establish a different form of rule no different from the Taliban. And this groups are bringing hardship to their very own citizens.

So is there an end to war? I hope there is.


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