Remembering World War One, The War To End All Wars

There was sequel, World War Two. Germany was lead by a man with vengeance in mind and rob Europe of its treasures and killed Jews and other ethnic groups that are less human than them.

We as a people are waging all kinds of war in all fronts of our lives. I keep hearing “never again” in reference to genocides but in our modern times, massacres persist and this words like “never again” and ” the war to end all wars” seems good poetic passages to be read. World War First/WW1 is not the real first war. Countless wars were wage for centuries and each new war produces new techniques in killing people. From swords, spears to guns, bombs to rockets to the ultimate Nuclear weapons still sitting on silos or mobile units just waiting for some coded message to begin launch sequence.

But what troubles me, especially in our modern world, killing in taken to the next level: actual footage of murder. Kidnap victims spoke there last words and with a last cry for help and a prayer, they are executed. These victims are either mistake identities or target for ransom but the end result are the same.

Gone are the days of the gentleman wars. Of fixed bayonets and charging like toy soldiers. For honor and glory.

So what is the significance  of WW1 centennial? Nothing. No world leader ever listen to history and no ordinary citizen love peace either. There is always a reason to wage a war. You have to agree watching sports like boxing and UFC is the modern equivalent of ancient gladiators without the killing.

No end to wars.






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