SAAB JAS-39 Gripen. Philippine Air Force Light Fighter Candidate


Rather, the Ph.A.F. choose SoKor’s FA50 from other competitive planes including my bet Alenia Aermacchi M346. MRF, Multi-Role Fighter that were skipped are US F16 and F18 because of their higher cost. And French Mirage 2000 and Russian Mig29.

I remember the first video (TV news, 1989) of the Swedes Gripen when it crash landed violently and luckily the pilot survive. The Gripen is a sexy plane but with one engine is also a single point of failure. Proper maintenance of its engine is really a must for any single engine jets. I prefer the French Rafale or the Italian M346.

Above is a drawing of the JAS39 Gripen being requested by a friend so I drew that on my way to work. The ride was stable enough and the comfort was alright, even  seated next to a stranger who didn’t bother me doodling something. I used a sign pen making it a challenge to avoid any mistakes.




2 thoughts on “SAAB JAS-39 Gripen. Philippine Air Force Light Fighter Candidate

  1. nice drawing bro. thumbs up! JAS 39 Gripen is a good option for Philppine Airforce. less maintenance, cheaper but it packs a lot of power. being a single engine is, yes it needs to be maintained properly, but that is not an issue as we can see the likes of F16 and Mirage 2000. what you mention here about the failure is this happened during its testing phase.

    Hoping to see more of this in your future blog bro. 🙂

    wishlist again: BRP Gregorio del Pilar class Ship, (with missile? 🙂 )

    • Most prototype flights do get crashed, F14, B1, T10, YF23, YF22 and many others during test flights. But the plane that do get sales, combat experience. RAFALE has it not to mention with a naval variant. The RAFALE even landed on a US carrier, versatile. It bombed Libyan ground targets which the Typhoon envied. The YF22 later the F22 went to production because of bonus feat, firing a missile during test but my bet was the YF23.

      I have no problem with the Gripen since it reminds me of the F20 Tigershark and remark by B.Gen Chuck Yeager, proved to be more
      capable than the F16. Anyway, the Ph.A.F. choose a different plane, the TA50 GoldernEagle, a derivative of the F16.

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