One in a Million


Done in Windows MS Paint back in 2008 and converted to JPG that is why its somehow messy.
I stopped drawing in MSPaint for a while but this is still the only graphics I still use related to computers.
Exploring Inkscape, the free vector graphics when done right is in par with Adobe Illustrator.

Why one in a million? My wife is a long shot chance that I finally found.
And if you knew the song by Larry Graham, you will understand what I mean.

She looks similar with the drawing above without the blue eyes.
Neither use lipstick too.




Cell Tech Y2k


Call and Text, the primary function of cellphones. Though we have smartphones, still are underpowered in usage.
People upgrade not of functionality but more on the latest model with few new features.

During my academic years in the 90s, few topics was covered on cell communication and I was taking night class sit in on antenna design with the basic Yagi design with my Electronic Communication friends.

But I got the chance to use beepers the size of post-it 2x3in or larger.

As they say in french
 “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.”
The more things change, the more they stay the same.


The Philippines Most Beautiful Woman


She is beautiful even without makeup and often wore simple clothes.
Love her, hate her. Bitchy sometimes probably being a straight talker.
And probably some similarity with Angelina Jolie due to her relationship with Brad years, years back.

Estimate sketch roughly 10-12 minutes.
Excuse the hair.

Pencil: Mongol #2

I never like the word “sexy” to address women since it sound very cheap. I prefer beautiful, its timeless.



Soft Porn with Superhero Lingerie

I don’t know the relationship of superheroes, especially women, to wear skimpy clothes with exposed boobs and butts.

Heroes are supposed to be role models that do good deeds and dress in modesty.

Soldiers are examples of heroes but so far have never seen even one dressed in bare essentials.

In our modern world, we turn to fantasies solve world problems and fighting villains lead to this frustration and gave birth to superheroes.

Our superheroes are either superhuman or billionaire playboys with night job as vigilantes.

I understand the concept of quick justice but wearing tights does not synch in or would they keep them warm if the weather is on snow.

But its a good excuse for men drawing girls or go to comicon to see superheroes on bare essentials.

Beats reading those x rated  magazines or visit the red district.