How To Start In Drawing

In my experience, start young. I started drawing before I entered school. My dad would give me pictures of cars and drew them using Bic ballpoints. Afterwards, I drew jet planes to robots and now portraits. But there is no problem if you started late its just a matter of passion.

You start with the basics.

1. Shapes-circle, squares, triangles, lines.

2. How to hold the pen. Pressure drawing from light to dark lines.

US President George W. Bush is a late learner in drawing and was dubbed “amateurish” in his drawing of world leaders he met during his term. Although a novice, a drawing from a former leader seems valuable because of his prestige as a US President. People would buy paintings not because of the level of skills but because of the person’s status or fame. Another wrong motivation is to be famous as fast as possible.  

There are no shortcut in excelling in any form of art. Its about passion, perseverance and keep practicing. It will be a long wait but the rewards is worth the wait. Drawing is also a good form of stress management.

There is nothing worth seeing a drawing you created and put it in a frame and a visitor ask who drew that. Don’t hesitate to tell to say I did.













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