Enjoy Life. Offline Every Weekend.

As much as possible, spend the weekend with your love ones. We might miss the company of our beloved if we like to be online most of the time but out of touch to the closest person we should be devoting our precious time. We compromise the little time we have with people we value most because the rush to tell and post thing we thought important online. Too concern to reach far away people and loose contact who are closer to us. 

Maybe I missed some traffic for two days but I never missed how warm to be with my son and to hold my wife’s hand. We enjoyed biking and delighted to see flowers from our mini tomato gardens and glimpse of guyabano fruit from our tree. 

Its a constant debate and battle for geeky people to stay online, taking pictures of food and selfies but missed the moments how precious to just talk with the most important people in our lives.


Focus on our love ones. They are the ones who are there when we need some help.






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