What is Easier to Draw? Woman or Machine.

Drawing is about recognition and identification. Forgive me, I am not a fan of abstract paintings.
I can draw the 4 views of machine: Top, bottom, side and isometric from popular Planes (Jets-F14, F18, F15, F16, F8, A10, Bombers-B1, B2, B52, Russian Bears, Blackjacks, Backfires, Migs, Suchois, Kamovs, Hinds, Brits and Some French), Tanks (US M1, M2, UK Challenger, German Leopards, Russ T72, 55, 62, 90s) Ships and Submarines (US Subs are simpler but I prefer Russians), ICBMs, Drones to civilian Bikes, Cars to Trucks.

Drawing human figure and faces need precisions. Yes, everyone can draw boobs and legs on bare essentials but sketching popular celebrities is a challenge. This what separate the seasonal to professional artist and I admit, I am still a novice in doing portraits.

But that doesn’t stop me from keep practicing. This is the only craft I know I am best.

Perfection in progress.



One thought on “What is Easier to Draw? Woman or Machine.

  1. You’ve got to post these at livejournal, not here.;)

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