I Love to Draw. Period

I love to draw. This is a relationship dating back to my preschool to my current status at 42 years old. Like a soldier without a gun, I feel helpless without paper and pencil or ballpoint especially on occasion like long waiting seems endless. Drawing help me past the time.

My notebooks ratio between notes and drawing is 1:3.5. the 0.5 means even my notes is intruded with side drawing like falling bombs or flying jets. Entering college, Catlleya notebook filler didn’t suit my expectation. but an accumulation of topics printed on copier paper file up that led to “binding” them to create a portable notebook that fits on your jeans’ rear pocket, probably started a trend among friends of recycling used paper to something useful. Creativity is a product of dire situation or in some cases, there must be an object or tool fabricated to suit special needs.

Yes sketchbook do exist but the price tag is out of reach for me so I have to resort to any medium to draw. Sometimes I do regret drawing something that looks good but the paper is not high quality. As a consolation, whether it’s on good paper or some used scratch pad, the important thing is the feeling of accomplishment. That is exactly I feel about a drawing I did on scratch paper.

Besides, I’ve always been a huge admirer of my own work. Borrowed that quote from Mel Brooks.




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