Drawing as a form of language

Our history is shaped in some form of art. Storytelling, music, writings and drawings. Drawing and writing is man’s accurate records of our history. Writing maybe hard to digest by most since early languages need more studying but drawings is by far the simplest. Any grade school kid can understood a cave drawing of a stick man hunting herds of animals. We know how the early inhabitants survive during the early ages of our history.

Storytelling sometimes maybe corrupted by added incidents or bias from a victor’s point of view. Drawing is about details. The realism of the drawings may not be accurate but the depiction is enough to give us a glimpse of past events or even faces of important persons on ancients times.

Drawing is the camera of the 20th century. Drawing are used by early exploration like navigational maps and the study of science from biology to human anatomy. Drawing is capturing what you see in life and translating that on media from walls or paper. It is one of the skills, along with singing and dancing, that is printed in our DNA and somehow lost while we grow. But some manage to keep it going to the next level.


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