Military Analyst By Passion


I started collecting information anything about Jet Fighters since I was given a birthday gift in 1985 of a papercraft F4 Phantom. A schoolmate also has a hobby for planes and have a magazine featuring the latest Russian Mig 29, 31 and Suckhoi 27, BlackJack bombers plus new  Hind assault gunships. Over the years, accumulated more sketches not just jets but anything that carries weapon even the dreaded space-born laser which was banned by both superpowers especially Russia fearing the US anti-satellite capability.

In short, the cold war was over but maybe, maybe, being revive by old hardliners in Russia by current leadership.

Russia has a bunch of hard to find mobile launchers like the Topol system ( NATO designated ss-25, a coldwar weapon).


Hope they don’t go far and reset my favorite doom’s day clock close to midnight.